Elderly Mobility
is Within Your Grasp

Elderly mobility can be improved by using standing aids and devices such as walkers and rollators, scooters for seniors and canes.  All of these elderly products provide much needed assistance for seniors and help them remain mobile.  Without these many senior citizens would not be able to move about safely on their own.

Elderly walking provides many health benefits.  This simple form of exercise makes a huge difference in terms of muscle strength in the legs.  Devices such as walking aids provide the support needed for those who might otherwise not be able to maintain their balance while walking. 

They come in various styles to suit individual needs. These include different types of walkers including those with seat and others. There are also models that are considered more of a medical walker such as a knee walker, often used after surgery or an injury.

Some of them can be folded for easy travel or storage when not in use.  Other equipment such as rollators sometimes have dual purpose, making the very practical. There are various brands available for you to choose from.

Keep in mind that today's technology allows for various convenient features in these products that may not have been available in the past.

Which Elderly Mobility Device is Right for You?

There are various rollator models such as rollator with seat, 4 wheel rollator and (see video) 3 wheel rollator. Some of them can also be converted to a transport chair for added convenience. With these models you get one equipment that can be used for two different purposes.

Another common aid is a cane. They also come in different models such as folding, cane with seat and others to suit different needs. You'll even find a cane model that will stand on its own close by until you're ready to use it. 

Scooters for Seniors

These scooters provide help for the elderly to get around with ease without actually walking. There are several types to choose from including portable scooters that can be taken apart to just a few pieces for easy travel.  Senior scooters come in 3 wheels and 4 wheels and also in different colors.

For Heavier Seniors

All of these products offer mobility solutions for senior citizens. For heavier seniors there are heavy duty rollators, walkers and heavy duty mobility scooters. However, the equipment’s weight capacity should be checked to make sure it is suitable for each individual situation.

There are many tools and equipment that help with mobility for the elderly. It is important to assess the individual needs in consultation with your medical provider when considering mobility aids.

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