Elderly Independence
Requires Maintaining the Self

Elderly independence is about maximizing your abilities and knowing your limitations. You may not be able to do everything you once did, but if you try you can maintain a good deal of your physical and mental abilities. There are also many elderly products and assistive devices that can help maintain independence.

Stimulating your body and mind has long been touted as the way to stay young. Being active allows your mind and body to remain strong and useful. Exercise of both the physical and mental variety can benefit those of any age, but are especially important for seniors.

Know Your Situation

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The most important thing is to know your abilities and your limits. Some things you will be able to do and some you will not. You want to maintain as much physical and mental ability as you can without trying to push yourself beyond your limitations. Physically this means being careful and avoiding injury. Consider using assistive products that can help you perform your activities.

There are many products for elderly people that can help to restore your ability to complete basic household tasks. You don't need to rely on others entirely when there are tools specially designed to help you with newfound limitations. These products can pick up where your abilities end.

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Physical Exercise

The muscles will not stay strong and flexible if you don't exercise them regularly. Exercise doesn't have to mean difficult workouts or unpleasant ones. They can be done in a gentle but effective manner.

Water aerobics are popular among seniors because exercising in the water takes pressure off joints and removes the fear of falling. The muscles can still get a great workout, but you can enjoy it more knowing that it's safe and effective.

Mental Activity

Mental activity includes anything that stimulates your mind. Mental acuity is a prime example of the use it or lose it philosophy. This includes skills such as reading or listening to books on tape, as well as social skills.

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One of the best ways to maintain your mental acuity is to keep learning. As long as you keep learning, your mind will resists the decline that many associate with aging. It's not a foregone conclusion.

Elderly independence is a result of staying active. You need to use your mind and body if you want to keep using your mind and body. That being said, know your limits. You do not want to push yourself so far that you set yourself back.

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