Elderly Care Products
For Your Daily Activities

Elderly care products assist the elderly with their daily activities and promote independent living for elderly people. Many of these products also assist those who provide care for the elderly and seniors with disabilities.

In addition to aids such as rollators, canes and scooters, there are many other products for elderly people that provide much needed assistance for older adults. 

Do You Have Limited Range of Motion?

If you have limited range of motion you may find it difficult to get dressed on your own.  Dressing aids are among the popular daily living tools that assist seniors with routine tasks.  Long handle hair brush and comb make grooming more manageable.

Putting your shoes on can be simplified if you use velcro instead of laces for example.  With a long shoe horn or device you can put your shoes on with less effort.

A reacher grabber can extend your reach to 20, 30 inches or more. It is like an arm extension so you can reach for things easily.  It's a very handy tool.  You can use it to get clothes or other things out of your closet, kitchen cabinet or other places.

Make Things Simple with Elderly Care Products

If you have trouble getting up from a sofa or chair on your own consider a standing aid.  These can make this process easy and simple.  There are different ones available depending on your need.  There are models designed to help you get out of a car and others are designed for sofa or chair in the home.

If you need help to get into your bed or out of bed, a trapeze or bed rails can provide the support needed for you to maintain your balance in the process

To avoid trips to the bathroom in the middle of the night or if you cannot make it to the bathroom, consider a portable bedside commode.  Disposable commode liners are available to facilitate cleaning.

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Using the Bathroom Does not Have to be Difficult

There are several bathroom safety products commonly used in senior bathrooms.  An Item such as a raised toilet seat with arms allows you to sit on a toilet with less effort.  A seat with arms provides support while you get up.

Grab bars near the toilet seat also make moving around safer.  They should also be placed in the tub and or shower and wherever support is needed.

For added comfort while bathing there are several models of shower seats or bath transfer benches to suit different needs and preferences including shower commodes.

These seats not only add convenience but also reduce the risk of falling from slipping in the tub or shower. Remaining seated while bathing is safer than standing and moving about in the process.

These tools help to address specific issues often associated with aging.  Look around our website to see which items best suit your needs.

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