For Elder Care at Home
You Need the Right tools

Elder care at home can be provided by loved ones or by a professional home health care service.  Whether it is a family member or a trained home health care service professional there are certain tools that will make the job a bit less strenuous.

In many cases Products for elderly people allow seniors to maintain some level of independence.  However, they may need additional assistance.  This is often provided by family members serving as caregivers or by a home health care service. 

A caregiver for the elderly also needs assistance to do the job effectively.  This job can otherwise be quite strenuous.

Tools for Elder Care at Home


Bathing an older adult can be challenging for many people.  This is where having the right tools come in.  A sliding transfer bench can be very effective for this task.  The patient sits in a shower chair with a security belt and slides into the tub or shower area while seated.  Exiting the tub area is just a simple. 

Alternatively, a bath lift offers a convenient way to enjoy a bath.  Transfer into the bath tub while seated, lower the seat into the tub with a remote control, enjoy a bath in a comfortable seat that can recline as you wish and when done raise the chair up to the tub border with the remote and exit the tub with ease.

If someone needs to remain in bed, a portable tub may be the way to go. This portable bathtub can be used right on the bed.  It inflates to hold the water and drains when done.

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Many seniors need assistance with toileting.  The process of sitting and standing is where is gets challenging.  To address this challenge a toilet seat riser can be placed on the toilet.  This brings the sitting area closer so sitting or standing does not require as much effort.

Some models even come with arms that can be used for support when getting up.  This also helps the caregiver.  The key is the make sure the seat model is right for the toilet.  Meaning if the toilet is a regular standard one the seat also needs to be standard.  If the toilet is elongated the seat needs to be elongated.

These are some of the most common challenges in elder care at home.  Other assistance often needed is with meals.


Many elders have difficulty holding regular utensils to eat.  There is also a tendency for seniors to skip meals when left on their own.  It may be that the challenge they face is seen as too much of a hassle.

Either way, there are specialized utensils to address this issue.  Having the ability to perform this task gives a sense of independence and can help to ensure adequate food intake. 

Doctor's Appointments and Other Outings

Going to the doctor or anywhere else probably requires you to get in and out of a car.  We know this process can be difficult.

Placing a swivel seat cushion on the seat can ease this process.  The seat swivels and moves with you so you can turn yourself towards the door with very little effort.  Once in that position use a car handle to hold on to for support while you place your feet on the ground to get out.

Elder care at home can be provided by home care workers or family members.  The key is to have the right tools to get the job done effectively and with less strain on the person providing care.

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