A Disability Mobility Scooter
for Ease of Movement

A disability mobility scooter is a convenient way to get from one place to another if you cannot get around on your own.  It provides the mobility you need whether it’s from one room to the next or to get to the shop down the street.  In many cases, without these scooters many handicapped people would not be able to get around at all.

Freedom of movement is a basic function that is very important to most people. Being able to choose where you go and when is something a lot of people take for granted.  Many individuals living with disabilities cannot move around so freely. They often need assistance such as that provided by handicap scooters.

A Disability Mobility Scooter Can Change Your Life

These scooters can bring positive changes in your life. They allow you to move about with more ease and a sense of independence.  With newer built in technology you can take them with you on trips without the stress usually associated with traveling with this type of equipment.

There are several options to choose from to suit individual needs ranging from the traditional models to lighter weight compact ones that can be taken apart easily into just a few pieces for easy portability or storage, to the heavy duty ones for larger persons.  Depending on the weight capacity needed you may also find these in the portable version.

The portability feature in a handicap scooter makes a huge difference as it facilitates your ability to participate in more activities that you enjoy, visit relatives and friends; enjoy the paved trails, the fresh air, getting around while on vacation and so much more.

Selecting Your Scooter

The key is to select a model that suits your needs.  They are available in different styles and colors and range from basic to portable to very stylish to heavy duty frame.  Some have interchangeable panels, for example you can use the red panels one day and blue the next so it look like you have two scooters, a blue and a red.

You may need to be a bit flexible when making your selection as you may find models that meet your needs and don’t have all the other features you would like.  It is best to differentiate what you need from what you would prefer to have as an additional feature.  This make the selection process easier.

3 Wheel Ventura Mobility Scooter
4 Wheel Spitfire Portable Scooter

A disability mobility scooter offers ease of movement and a sense of freedom and independence that is much appreciated by many seniors and disabled individuals.

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