Disability Mobility Aids
For Ease and Comfort

Disability mobility aids are essential to people living with a disability and cannot move around on their own.  They also provide much needed help for the elderly as many seniors have trouble maintaining their balance or moving around without some assistance.

Mobility devices cover a wide range of options; from bathroom mobility to portable mobility, from basic manual models to motorized models.   Equipment for the handicapped is available in  different versions and styles to suit individual situations and needs.

Bathroom Solutions

One of the great bathing solutions is a reclining bath tub lift.  This device can make bathing easier and a more enjoyable, relaxing experience.   It is battery operated, comes with a remote control to raise it, lower it once inside the tub, and recline it as you wish and enjoy a nice bath

It has flaps to facilitate transfers in and out of the tub and lets you maintain some level of independence during the bathing process.  It’s also portable.

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Other mobility bath aids include shower wheelchair and various models of shower seats for disabled individuals. Some models have a built in commode, others have casters and some models are self propelled and look more like a wheelchair.  

Be sure to use models that are designed for bathing because they are typically rust resistant and have features designed for bathroom use.   All of these items offer convenience and a safer bathroom environment for seniors and disabled individuals.

For larger heavier persons look at the bariatric models.  Those are built with heavy duty frames and are designed to sustain more weight.

Portable Disability Mobility Aids

Many of the basic products for disabled people are available in a portable version. They make handicapped mobility and senior mobility a bit easier for those who like to travel.  Those products include portable scooters that can be taken apart and put back together easily for convenient storage or travel, folding wheelchairs, portable handicap ramps, shower chairs, transfer bench for the bathroom, and others.

If you plan to use a portable ramp, use an incline to help you determine the length you need for the ramp.  It is important to use the right length for effective mobility.

These are just a few of the many mobility equipment for disabled people that help the physically challenged perform daily activities with more ease and in some cases enjoy independent living.

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