Caregiver Products
Can Give You Some Relief

Caregiver products can help in home caregivers overcome the daily challenges when caring for the elderly, disabled, or other patient. Having this assistance allows many seniors and handicapped to remain in their home while getting the care they need. Fortunately today there are various tools and equipment that can make providing this service easier for both the care taker and the patient.

Is it difficult to care for your patient or loved one?

Consider these tools!

One of the most physical aspects of a care provider's job can be helping seniors or a disabled person move around their home. Without adequate caregiver products, providing this assistance can be back breaking work.

Here are some disability equipment for the home that can make it easier and safer for both the care provider and their patient to go about the activities of daily living.  These are also great for family caregivers.

Sliding Transfer Bench
  • Sliding Transfer Bench- facilitates bathing and transfers in and out of the bath area, minimizes physical strain on the user and caregiver. It's also folds, easy to take it with you when traveling.  View sliding transfer bench video.
  • Support bars- Bars that are placed throughout the home can help with mobility. These can be along hallways, next to toilets and within the bath or shower to provide support as needed.
  • Transfer poles and boards- Having a transfer pole near areas where the patient needs to be moved to and from their wheelchair can allow them to help move their weight. Transfer boards can assist in moving the patient's weight from areas like the bed to their wheelchair or other surface.
Transfer Pole
  • Bariatric equipment- For those who are caregivers to individuals who are heavier, bariatric products designed to support heavier weight is necessary. The weight capacity for devices the patient may need such as walkers, toilet seat, bath benches, portable commode, and other support products should be evaluated to make sure they are appropriate for the of patient’s weight.
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Practical and Easy to Use Caregiver Products

There are many health issues that care providers need to attend to with the elderly and disabled. Some concerns may be incontinence, heart problems and many other medical issues. Typically there will need to be adequate tools and caregiver products available to handle these tasks.

Bedside Commode
  • Bedside commodes- Patients who cannot make it to the restroom may need a portable commode near their bed.  It is also convenient for anyone who wakes up at night to use the bathroom.

  • Commode liners- These disposable liners fit into commode pails for easy removal and disposal of waste.

These items simply make your task much easier as a caregiver.  You don't need to worry about trips to the bathroom at night and risk of accidents on the way.

According to The National Association for Home Care & Hospice, there are an estimated 7.6 million individuals in the U.S. that depend on in home caregivers.

With the use of appropriate caregiver tools, specialized products and devices, you can continue to provide this valuable and much needed service effectively.

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