A Braille Phone Can Meet Your Needs

A Braille phone facilitates phone communication for the vision impaired. They have raised braille characters and large keypads and are designed to meet the special needs of the blind or those with very low vision. They are often referred to as handicapped telephone but are also commonly used for the elderly.

Loss of eye sight is very common among older adults.  Our vision and several other abilities tend to deteriorate as we age.  The level of loss and the pace at which the deterioration occurs is not the same for everyone.  However, aging is not the only cause of sight loss. 

Contrary to what most people think the term blind or blindness is not limited to those with total loss of sight. 

According to The National Federation of the Blind, people with eyesight that is bad enough even with corrective lenses, that they have to use other methods to engage in any activity that people with normal vision would do using their eyes should consider themselves blind.

What a Braille Phone Really Does

With today’s assistive technology, the visually challenge are not as limited as they once were. People with vision related disabilities are able to perform many daily living tasks on their own and participate in more activities including community services, work, social events and others.

These types of activities can contribute to a more balanced and healthy lifestyle.  A specialized telephone that specifically addresses sight limitations promotes a sense of independence.  The various models offer different features to suit individual preferences.

Some of the features in a phone for the visually impaired may include amplified incoming sound, loud ringer, volume control, hearing aid compatibility, an audio jack for assistive listening devices, memory speed dial and other desirable features.

These devices are also known as handicap phones and are available in different models to accommodate various needs and preferences. Some models are very basic while others have advanced features to assist with multiple needs. They're offered at various price points for different budgets.

People living with a disability do not have to feel isolated. These special needs phones not only keep people with disabilities connected with others but also facilitate a degree of normalcy with daily activities and a sense of independence.

They are also sometimes used as elderly phones because of the various assistive features. These various phone models can make a difference in someone's life when it comes to being able to communicate and staying connected with the world. Overall they contribute to a more productive life and make daily living easier for many people.

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