The Best Picture Phones
Offer Features the Elderly Want

The best picture phones are those that have friendly features and are easy to use specifically by the elderly.  Keep in mind that as we age, elderly hearing loss and vision loss in elderly people are not uncommon. There is also a natural tendency to avoid trying new things or anything that seems the least bit complicated.  The small font used for most regular phones don’t offer much help either. 

Having trouble using regular phones ?
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Amplified Picture Phone W-Many Features

To accommodate older individuals, special user friendly devices have been designed to give them the perfect experience with telephone usage. Technology for the elderly has been improved greatly to address the challenges that they may face. The major challenges that have been focused on are the hearing problem and weak eyesight.

The Best Picture Phones: What You Should Know

Bad Eyesight

The best picture phones will comprehensively address the common needs of older adults when it comes to shortcomings in their sight.  Older individuals usually have trouble seeing the small numbers that are used with traditional telephones.  A device designed for elderly typically has a keypad with bigger numbers or what is often called big picture buttons.

This is where a picture can be inserted in the buttons so it is visible right on the button as a number would be.  You would still have the option of using traditional numbers to dial.  You would pre-program numbers that match each of the images so that pressing an image will dial the pre-programmed number

Picture Phone W-Outgoing Speech Amplification

This feature makes a huge difference for those who have difficulty using conventional telephones.  You can set the most frequently used numbers or emergency numbers to speed dial by using an image.  This could be family, friends, neighbors, nurses, caregivers or other contacts.

The picture button telephone is also great for those who have a memory issues.  Memorizing complicated numbers can be very difficult compared to identifying loved ones in photos.

Having Trouble Hearing?

The best telephones for seniors will not only allow you to use pictures but will also have advanced sound technology that will amplify the sound and regulate the quality such that even individuals with very weak hearing abilities are able to hear.  These usually have hearing aid compatibility.

Cordless Picture Phone

Those who cannot hear well also have the option of selecting cordless models for added convenience.  Some users may prefer to get a model with a ringer signal light that can be used especially in quiet environments where the loud ringing will be a nuisance to others. 

There are also models that amplify outgoing speech for those who may have trouble speaking loud enough for the other person to hear them on the other end.  Other attractive features may include speakerphone with volume control.

If you experience these issues consider one of these best picture phones designed with the features you need.

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