Bed Side Rails:
For The Support You Need

Bed side rails can increase your safety and improve your sleep by providing a protective barrier on either side of your mattress. Seniors and people with disabilities are often at risk of falling in the bedroom due to problems with balance, limited range of motion, or chronic pain.  A set of bed support rails can protect you while you sleep or give you additional stability as you transfer to or from another surface.

Smart Rail Bed rail

How Bed Side Rails Can Really Help You

Rails can help you make the most of your physical strength by providing a sturdy support point for transfers or turns.  Instead of reaching for an unstable surface like your night table or the back of a chair, you can get a firm grip on the side rail attached to your bed.

With a few affordable modifications, you can protect yourself against the injuries that can restrict your  lifestyle if you're an older adult.

If you need help moving your body while you're lying down, these devices can help you pull yourself to a sitting position or adjust yourself more comfortably on the mattress. For elderly or disabled people who spend much of the day in bed, having the ability to change positions frequently can reduce the risk of pain, joint stiffness, and skin breakdown.  For prolonged bed stay a trapeze may be more suitable for re-positioning yourself.

Does This Apply to you?

It's not always easy to face the fact that you need help with the activities you've performed throughout your life, but if you suffer from vertigo, arthritis, multiple sclerosis, or another condition that affects your mobility, bed side rails can reduce your risk of injuries from falling. You may benefit from these safety rails if you:

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  • Have trouble maintaining your balance while walking or getting up from a sitting position
  • Have had a recent fall or a near-fall while going to bed, getting up, sitting up, or turning.
  • Take medication that affects your sense of balance or prompts you to use the toilet during the night.
  • Have pain, stiffness, or "dizzy spells" as you get up in the morning.
  • Have had surgery that limits your ability to move around.
  • Feel that you would be more secure and sleep more soundly if you slept in a bed with side rails.
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Which Rails Should I Buy?

To find the right bed side rails for your home, think about how you can get the maximum benefit from these devices. Fixed safety rails, which extend along the mattress, may be the best option if your goal is to remain securely in bed.  Adjustable models can be re-sized to meet particular needs. Protective padding offers a buffer against bruises and keeps you from getting caught in the rails if you roll to one side of the bed.

Protective Rail Padding

Assist rails are smaller support devices that help you keep your balance while you're lifting or lowering your body. Seniors whose mobility is moderately limited or who occasionally feel unsteady when standing may benefit from this type of device.

The various models are used and many of them are lightweight and portable, so you can
take them with you when you're spending the night away from home.  Whether you lead a physically active life or you're recovering from an illness or injury, today's devices are versatile enough to accommodate your needs.

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