Bed Rails For Elderly
Can Help You Get In or Out of Bed 

Bed rails for elderly have several important functions. They provide support for the elderly to help them get in and out of bed and are among the devices used for fall prevention for the elderly.  People sometimes fall out of bed while sleeping and hurt themselves. Safety is a concern particularly for seniors as they tend to be more frail.

It is recommended to get up slowly and to sit at the edge of the bed for a moment before trying to stand up.  Standing too quickly can cause dizziness specially among older adults.  This is not uncommon and may happen due to many different reasons including medication.  Having a support device is helpful.

Bed Rail With Organizer

Bed safety rails are usually easy to install and offer various features. Some can be adjusted for length,  height, position or fold for added convenience. Certain models may accommodate a rail organizer to store small easy to reach items such as a hand phone or magazine.


 Take a Look at These Bed Rails for Elderly

There are several models to choose from including the superbar to facilitate transfers from bed to wheelchair, other surfaces or assist in standing up to get out of bed. This model has a pivot feature that makes the process easier whether it is for an older adult or someone who is disabled.  This particular model offers unique versatility and can provide support in various positions using the bar.

The smart rail model is a movable rail that can swing open for added convenience and support. It also offers versatility not found in other styles.  Helps you to maintain your balance as you get up from the bed and move around the bed.

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Travel Bed Rail-Advantage Traveler

These Products for elderly people come in different sizes and styles to suit individual situations and preferences. Some are full size while others are half-length.  You can also purchase full size or half size pads that look like bumpers that will work with some of the rail models. 

There are also padded models and in some cases bedside pads are sold separately.  If you need to travel, compact portable models are very practical. 

It is important that the user be comfortable using the device.  In addition to assessing the specific need it is also important to assess the user's movement capability, range of motion etc..  It is a good idea to understand one's condition and need when selecting these devices. 

Padded models , portable travel styles, adult rails and other models, all contribute to elderly home safety. Choosing the right one to suit a particular need can make at home care for an elderly person easier and put you more at ease.

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