Bathroom for Seniors:
What You Need to Know

A bathroom for seniors must be made safe. For many older individuals, this area poses serious hazards. Unless your room is equipped with senior bathroom aids, you may be at risk of injuries when you bathe, shower, or take care of other personal needs. Products like a bath chair for elderly people or a grab bar in the shower can give you a feeling of security and help you enjoy the water's soothing warmth.

Shower Seat

Bathroom for Seniors Address Safety Concerns

For starters it needs to be senior friendly.  Showering is an effective way to cleanse your body if you have trouble stepping into or out of a tub. If you're unable to stand for long periods of time, shower chairs for elderly can offer secure seating while you wash. With these convenient fixtures, you don't have to worry about dizziness, losing your balance, or weakness while standing.

A bathroom for seniors should be well ventilated and insulated to keep surfaces dry and maintain stable temperatures throughout the year. Use senior products that help you manage your personal care and avoid getting chills in the bathroom.

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Why Focus on the Bathroom?

In a study conducted by the Yale University School of Medicine, researchers found that bathing difficulties were a common factor for older individuals who were admitted to long-term care facilities. In fact, the study suggested that these issues could increase the chance of being admitted to a facility by up to 77%. By equipping this room with safety devices, you may avoid some of the common hazards of self-care.

Bath Lift

As you age, bathing provides therapeutic benefits. For senior citizens who suffer from chronic pain, soaking or showering in mildly warm water can help relieve muscle spasms or joint stiffness. With a bath lift and support bars in place, you don't have to struggle to get into or out of the tub.

Where Do You Need Support?

Any surface in the bathroom that is exposed to water requires extra reinforcement to provide stability. Tile or vinyl floors, shower walls, bathtubs, and countertops can all become slick and slippery. When you reach out to stabilize yourself as you move around the room, you should feel confident that you'll have a firm, dry surface to hold on to. In addition to protecting your floor with non slip mats, you should also have a non-skid floor to give you added reassurance.

Toilet Seat Riser

Lowering yourself onto the toilet can be extremely uncomfortable if you have lower back pain, knee pain, or upper body weakness. Toilet seat risers offer added elevation, so that you can sit or stand more easily. For caregivers, these products make it easier to help seniors onto or off the commode.

When it comes to elderly bathroom, there are devices uniquely designed to help you adapt to all of your personal care routines.

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