A Bariatric Toilet Seat Offers Some Comfort

A bariatric toilet seat is designed for people who are larger and heavier.  As with other bariatric supplies for bathroom it can sustain more weight than standard seats.  It offers a better level of comfort and ease to larger individuals compared to regular toilet seats.  Using the bathroom can otherwise be difficult for larger people when using a standard model.

Ordinary  seats are not built to support the extra weight and can break as a result.   Breakage often results   in pinching or other problems and present overall discomfort for a large person.

A heavy-duty toilet seat constructed to support larger individuals is usually wider and features a roomier contoured sitting surface and a lager more comfortable opening.  Other features may include stain and chemicals resistant plastic, adaptability to fit both round and elongated toilet bowls, and other attributes, offering much ease and comfort to the user.

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A Bariatric Toilet Seat Makes Toileting Easier

Bariatric Shower Commode

Having the appropriate toilet seat is one of several ways to ease bathroom use for larger individuals.  A bariatric shower commode chair renders the task of taking a shower easier and more convenient as an individual can cleanse while seating comfortably.  It also facilitates the task if the user is assisted by a caregiver.

A bariatric shower commode chair is typically available in different styles and with different features to meet individual needs and preferences.  Some of the features include open front, safety grippers on the arms, casters, self propelled, multipurpose functionality and other attributes.

A bariatric shower commode chair is designed for heavier individuals and many of them can be used right over the toilet for added convenience.

Bariatric Commode

Convenience is greatly important for larger individuals as they may have trouble moving around quickly.  A bariatric commode offers much desired convenience as it can be moved around where needed, for example near a bed for quick and easy access. 

A bariatric commode is also used as a portable toilet and typically has arm rail support and a removable pail.  Disposable sanitary bags for the pail are also available and make cleaning easy.  Just dispose of the bag and replace it.

Some have added features such as drop-arm or adjustable height.  A bariatric toilet seat, and the various bariatric commode versions are all bathroom equipment with heavy duty construction designed for large individuals to facilitate bathroom use and improve comfort.  Take a look at our models and select one that best suit your needs.

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