Bariatric Rollator

Do You Need A Large Heavy Duty Rollator?

A bariatric rollator is designed for large people and typically has a heavy-duty frame to support the extra weight. It is similar to a wheeled walker in some ways but is often considered a bit more sophisticated than conventional walkers with wheels.

A heavy-duty rollator comes in different styles. Some models are adjustable in height, and may have a basket and or a seat. It's a practical bariatric supplies for walking when it comes to helping heavier people get around.

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A very important part of a rollator is hand brakes. These are often mounted on the top of the frame and can be lifted or pushed downward to stop the wheels right away. The brakes can also be used when turning or maneuvering the rollator.

There are different styles of rollators and the weight capacity may vary from four hundred to a thousand pounds. The heavy-duty rollators with higher weight capacity often have accessories such as baskets as an added option. These are also safety devices as they provide the user with the necessary support and makes it easier to control the walking movement.

When looking for a heavy duty rollator it is important to assess how much weight the equipment can sustain to make sure it is suitable for the user's weight. It is advisable to get some training on how to use the device; your health care provider can arrange this service for you.

Don't assume you already know how to use it. Incorrect usage or handling of the device can cause accidents. You may want to consider consulting with your medical provider before purhchasing a rollator and discuss the different options and also your preferences to the extent possible.

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