Need a Bariatric Mobility Scooter?

A bariatric mobility scooter is also referred to as a heavy duty mobility scooter because it is designed to sustain the weight of larger persons.  As with other bariatric equipment  it has a wider seating area and a heavy duty frame. 

Because these models are much heavier they are not typically available in a portable version.  Meaning they usually cannot readily be disassembled and re-assembled for easy transport as with many of the regular models.

It is usually powered by battery and offers many of the same features as a standard scooter such as different styles, colors and other preferences. Additional features may include adjustable height and head rest, reclining back, head and rear lights and others.

As with regular scooters they range from basic to very stylish.  These and other factors make the heavy duty models very desirable to larger individuals.  When making your selection it is a good idea to focus on the features you need first before getting into the preferences.

A Bariatric Mobility Scooter for a Better Life

With the right scooter you can enjoy a sense of freedom to move around comfortably and feel confident that you can handle your activities more independently without hassle.  Knowing that you can get from point A to point B with ease can make your day and your life a lot easier. 

Having ease of movement can change your world and give you better quality of life.  Whether you need to move about at home or away from home your scooter is ready to give you the mobility you need.  You may want to consider threshold ramps for smooth doorway transitions.  

If you are a large person it is crucial that you check the weight capacity of the scooter you are considering to make sure it can sustain your weight.  The common weight capacity for these scooters can be up to 500 pounds.

Heavy duty 3 wheel Heavy Duty Scooter- Prowler
4 wheel Heavy Duty Scooter-Prowler

If a heavy duty model (commonly known as a bariatric mobility scooter) is not suitable for your weight you may have to consider other options with higher weight capacities such as a wheelchair.  There are manual wheelchairs that can sustain much more than 500 pounds, some of them to up to 1000 lbs..

Many large individuals find comfort with bariatric wheelchairs for their mobility needs.  They are available at various weight capacity levels and also offer convenient features.

You may also want to consult with your health care professional to evaluate your options.  They may offer suggestions for consideration.

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