Bariatric Medical Supplies
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Bariatric medical supplies are primarily used by people dealing with issues of obesity. The bariatric field incorporates various forms of treatment such as weight loss, dieting, exercise, behavioral therapy, surgery and pharmacotherapy.

Obese people often have special needs and daily living issues that can be addressed with the use of bariatric products, bariatric medical equipment and medical supplies. They are built with a heavy-duty frame to sustain the extra weight.

Bariatric Medical Supplies to Help Large Individuals with Daily Living

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We offer a large selection of brand name bariatric products for the home, health care professionals and institutions at affordable prices.

Help For Getting Out Of Bed Or Turning

A bariatric trapeze and bed rails can provide the assistance you need. These can be purchase separately or with a bariatric bed as a package.

A bariatric hospital bed and mattress is also great for home use. These are typically electric bariatric beds and are built to sustain the extra weight. They're available in fixed or adjustable width. A bed, mattress, rails, head/footboard can be purchased as a package or separately. The package often offers better pricing.

For those having difficulty making a trip to the bathroom there are bariatric bedside commodes. These are also used as portable toilets.

Addressing Bathroom Issues

A bariatric toilet seat is essential. A standard toilet seat is not made to support to extra weight and can break. There may be pinching and general discomfort. A bariatric toilet seat is sturdy, wider and offers more comfort. Some can support weight up to 1000 lbs.

For bathing there are various bariatric bath benches and other seating so you can bathe while sitting comfortably. There are also bariatric shower commode chairs for those who need it.

Assistance For Walking or Moving Around?

A bariatric heavy-duty walker or rollator can provide some support and facilitate walking. A bariatric mobility scooter will get you around quicker.

Comfortable Seating

Extra wide chairs are available for comfortable seating. No need for discomfort with a standard chair. Bariatric lounge chairs or a bariatric recliner can provide much comfort.

Bariatric office chairs made to accommodate larger individuals in an office setting.

Healthcare Professionals

We carry various bariatric medical supplies and bariatric equipment such as patient lifts, transport chair, treatment tables, various hospital beds and more.

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Bariatric Treatment

The first-line treatment is usually diet, exercise, anti-obesity drugs and sometimes behavior therapy. Weight loss surgery is generally more successful in resulting in greater weight loss than conventional treatment; it should be noted that there are risks of complication with surgery.

When providing bariatric treatment, care providers typically use a bariatric treatment table and the necessary bariatric medical supplies. The tables are constructed to specifically to handle overweight individuals and vary in style and features. A bariatric treatment table may have features such as shelves below the table area, casters or other features.

Caregivers often use a bariatric lift to transfer individuals from point A to point B; for example these are used to place an individual on a table, point of treatment or in a bathtub. This equipment significantly improves maneuverability and contributes to caregiver safety. A bariatric lift may be manual or power operated; a sling is available for added comfort.

Bariatric medical supplies are crucial to this branch of medicine, whether it’s a bariatric treatment table, a bariatric lift, or treating knee conditions by using a bariatric knee brace, a bariatric sleeve, or other supply and equipment, they are designed to serve the population of overweight individuals.

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More Information

Other commonly used bariatric medical supplies and equipment include the following:

Bariatric Hospital Bed – This Bed has larger width and weight support capacity than regular beds and is easy to set up, easy to use, and operates quietly and smoothly. They’re available in different models and offer various features to suit different needs.

Bariatric Hospital Bed Mattress – This is an important component for a patient’s therapy and recovery. It is critical in providing appropriate support and comfort for a full and healthy rehabilitation.

Bariatric Chair – A bariatric chair provides the extra space and support needed for overweight or obese individuals to have comfortable seating. The chairs come in various styles and models to meet individual needs or preferences.

Bariatric Toilet Seat – This makes bathroom use easier for overweight or obese individuals as it offers a roomier sturdy seat area. A regular toilet seat is not suited for the extra weight and often breaks and causes discomfort to the user.

Bariatric Bath Benches – These are important to overweight people as they make bathing easier while providing comfort to the user and contribute to bath safety.

Bariatric Mobility Scooter -This mobility equipment is a powered wheelchair that resembles some of the scooter models and offers a variety of features that are very appealing to bariatric patients.

Bariatric Rollator with a heavy duty frame to support the weight of very large people and help them move around.

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