Bariatric Hospital Bed

A bariatric hospital bed is designed for obese individuals and is wider in size than regular beds and is constructed with a sturdy heavy-duty frame to support the weight of larger patients. These beds may vary in their specific weight capacity but are all designed for obese individuals.

In addition to the special width and weight capacity and firm support, the beds usually have features such as adjustability and easy repositioning for the head and foot sections, and also the bed height.

They are easy to set up, easy to use, and operate quietly and smoothly. Some packages include side rails and bed ends (head and foot section); if not included these can usually be purchased separately, as well as Bariatric Medical Equipment or Supplies.

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In Home Care

Many bariatric patients like to have an electric bariatric bed for home use because of the comfort and features they offer. Such flexibility and ease makes a bariatric bed very appealing to overweight or obese individuals.

If they require in home care the bed can be easily operated by a caregiver for example, the side rails can be taken down by the caregiver as needed for better access to the bariatric patient. For added safety, an electric bariatric bed usually comes with an integrated battery backup.

Bariatric Bed Variations

A bariatric bed may vary in weight support capacity for example some beds can only support 450 pounds while others may have much great weight capacity of 1000 lbs for example. Another area of variation is the mode of operation. For instance there may be a fully electric bariatric bed base model and a semi-electric base model. The beds also vary in width.

Prices may vary by brand and are usually higher for the fully electric models with the larger width and weight capacity; if the side rails and bed ends are included the price is adjusted accordingly.

It is important for bariatric patients to choose the bed that best suits their needs if they’re investing in this equipment. An individual does not have to be in a hospital to enjoy a bariatric hospital bed, they are also great for home use.

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