Bariatric Hospital Bed Mattress

A Bariatric Hospital Bed Mattress is a very important piece of equipment for a patient’s therapy and recovery. It is critical in providing appropriate support and comfort to ensure a full and healthy rehabilitation and is often undervalued among Bariatric Medical Supplies and equipment.

A bariatric mattress is designed for heavier individuals and is constructed using heavy-duty, high-density engineering for long-lasting reliable use. Many are made of latex-free materials and feature anti-bacterial and waterproof vinyl cover for easy use and care. These mattresses provide comfortable and firm support to bariatric patients.

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Bariatric Air Mattress

A bariatric air mattress or bariatric low air loss mattress typically lessens moisture, is less likely to over-dry the skin, reduces interface pressure thus contributes to the prevention or treatment of early stages for pressure sore ulcers. A bariatric air mattress or bariatric low air loss mattress may have features such as system lock, auto comfort and pulsation or other attributes.

Bariatric Bed Sheets

There are bariatric bed sheets that are made from a cotton and polyester blend and do not require ironing. The bariatric bed sheets can also be found in a bed-in-a bag combination that includes a fitted bottom sheet, top sheet, pillowcase and cotton blend blanket. These sheets are designed to fit a bariatric bed mattress.

In general a bariatric mattress whether it is a bariatric air mattress, bariatric low air loss mattress, or one with foam construction is uniquely designed to meet the needs of overweight individuals. However, it is important to know the weight capacity of the mattress to make sure it is appropriate for you and that it will fit the bed frame you want to use it with.

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