Bariatric Equipment
Make Daily Living Easier

Bariatric equipment typically has a heavy duty frame and is designed to support the weight of heavier individuals.  Bariatric furniture, bariatric medical supplies and other products allow larger persons to manage their daily activities with more ease and comfort.

A bariatric chair, recliner or other seating is usually larger, wider, sturdier and simply more suitable for larger persons. This can be a sensitive area because many people do not like to discuss weight but the reality is that many of the standard products used routinely by most people just do not meet the needs of larger individuals. 

Below are some of the specialized equipment, click on the images or links for details.

Bariatric Equipment to Move Around with Ease

There are various mobility products and aids that can assist when it comes to getting around.  A bariatric rollator or walker can provide support and stability while walking if you need it.  Canes are also available in different styles.

If you cannot walk at all, a bariatric wheelchair or bariatric scooter may be more suitable. The various heavy duty scooters and wheelchairs also come in different weight capacities, it is important to select one that is suitable for your particular situation. 

While bariatric wheelchairs are available in both manual and electric models you will likely find more choices with the manual models; they are also less costly.

Bathroom Equipment for Larger Persons

One of the sensitive areas is the bathroom.  A standard toilet seat is not designed to support the weight of a larger heavier individual.  It usually breaks after a few uses and the toilet itself can also break and can even cause damage to the wall.

In most cases, these issues can be resolved with the proper equipment. There are bariatric toilet seats designed for heavier individuals and reinforcement devices that can be attached to the toilet to make it suitable to sustain nearly 1000 pounds.

There are also personal care products and bathing solutions such as bariatric bath benches that facilitate bathing for larger people.  Grab bars are also available in different styles and weight capacities to suit different needs.   In all cases it is crucial that the grab bars be installed properly.  Professional installation is recommended.

For all bariatric equipment, it is important to assess the needs based on weight in order to select equipment with adequate weight capacity to meet your specific needs.

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