A Bariatric Chair
Can Bring You Comfort

A bariatric chair may be just what you need and is available in many different, models and styles.   The designs vary based on the intended use. Some models may be categorized as bariatric medical products and supplies while others may indicate more general use.

The chairs do follow the same basic guidelines as they are larger in width and are constructed with a heavy duty frame to suit larger heavier individuals. They are made of various different material and offer features to suit personal preferences or needs.

Bariatric Chair Options

Bariatric Recliner

Bariatric lounge chairs are very popular as they have the desired width for comfort and relaxation.  They are often referred to as bariatric reclining chair. The reclining models may have features such as a smooth lifting system, seat height and back adjustment, easy to read hand control, glide footrest, extended arm rests, and others.

Reclining chairs make it easier for you to enjoy simple moments of relaxation such as watching television, reading a book for example or other activities.

Bariatric Chair

Bariatric office chairs are necessary in an office setting in order to accommodate larger persons. They may be constructed out of wood, steel or other material.  Many of the office chair models have an ergonomic design, a sturdy frame, glue construction and water protection.

As with any other type of equipment, a standard office chair is not built to sustain larger heavier persons and is just not suitable.  The bariatric models are designed specifically to meet the needs of larger people.   

Bariatric folding chairs offer flexibility and practicality.  There are heavy duty transport chairs with features such as removable desk arms, a fold-down back and increased maneuverability.  These are usually manual wheel chairs for temporary use. 

These are easily portable and easy to store.  Because of the heavy duty frame and structure required to support larger individuals these folding models are not usually readily available in a traditional style.

Folding models are also available as shower chairs or bench.  These facilitate bathing and reduce the risk of an accident happening in the wet area because you bathe in a sitting position, not while standing in a slippery space.

A bariatric chair is important for a large individual, whether it’s office chairs, lounge, folding or other type,  they are designed to provide comfortable seating for heavier or larger persons.  You will need to check the weight capacity for the model you like to make sure it is suitable for your needs.

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