Bariatric Bath Benches
Make Bathing Easier

Bariatric bath benches are among several important bathroom equipment that makes using a shower or bathtub much easier for a large person.  As with other bariatric supplies and equipment they play an   important role when it comes to maneuvering in a wet area.  

The bath benches are typically made of heavy duty material and offer convenience, ease and a safer bathroom environment as they allow you to remain seated while bathing.  This reduces the risk of slipping and falling from trying to moving around in a wet area while in a standing position.  

They usually have a non-skid surface and may have other features such as padded seat.  Some models offer upgraded features for added convenience. Those added features may include backrest, arm rail support, padded vinyl cushion or others.

Bariatric Bath Benches

Bariatric Bath Benches for Bathroom Safety

Bathroom safety is important to everyone but merits special attention for people with special needs such as larger or heavier individuals.  If you are a large person you know a typical bathroom does not have much room to maneuver.   Having adequate equipment can reduce the risk of accidents while providing better ease of movement in the space.

In addition to the benches, another similar item that can be considered is a bariatric bath seat with back.  This type of bath seat features a backrest and is typically designed with a durable frame and provides extra stability to support larger individuals.  This model takes less space than a bench and still offers the convenience of bathing while seated.  

There is also a transfer bench model (as featured above).  These are usually wider and facilitate entering and exiting the shower or bath area while seated.  This also reduces the risk of accidents since there is no need to step into or out of the wet area while standing.  Entering and exiting is as easy as sliding from one side of the bench to the other.

What You Need to Know

The various transfer bench models and chairs may differ in weight capacity.  Bariatric products are not all built to sustain the same amount of weight.  It is important to know the weight capacity for the bench or chair you are interested in before you purchase it and determine whether it is appropriate for your situation.

Bariatric benches are some of the options available to facilitate bathing for larger persons while promoting bath safety.  It is up to each individual to determine which option or options will best suit his or her need.

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