Aids to Daily Living
Can Bring You Comfort

Aids to daily living help people with disabilities, the elderly and those with limited abilities to complete the regular activities of daily living. This includes activities such as using bathroom facilities and just moving around.

Using Essential independent living aids to get through life helps those who need help to take care of themselves. It offers a level of freedom they'd otherwise not have.

One of the basic necessities of life is being able to get from one place to another. This may mean getting across town or moving from one room to the next in your own home. There are many tools that can help increase your mobility. The types you should choose depend on your ability level and your personal preference.

Which Aids to daily living do You Need?

If you need a little assistance with balance and support, walking sticks, canes or crutches often prove useful. They allow for free movement by assisting with balance and weight distribution problems.

Wheelchairs work if you can't stand or walk or can't do either for long. They allow for your arm muscles to take over for the leg muscles so that you may still enjoy some freedom of movement.

Scooters offer great options such as 3 wheels or 4 wheels and can be used indoors or outdoors. They may be used as a means of movement in general or just to assist with traveling greater distances.

Bathroom Safety Aids for the Support You Need

The bathroom is a critical area when it comes to your safety.  There are many bathroom products to make using the toileting facilities and the bathtub easier. For the toilet, handrails can be installed to provide additional support as you lower yourself to the toilet and get up from it. 

An elevated toilet seat can also facilitate toileting.  Some models come with support rails. This small, simple change can give you the ability to use the toileting facilities more easily and more comfortably.

A bathtub lift makes bathing much easier and lets you enjoy a bath with minimum effort.  It has flaps that that facilitate transferring into the tub on the seat and all you need to do is use the remote control to lower the seat into the tub to enjoy a bath.  Use the remote when done to raise it and transfer out.

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Walk-in bathtubs are also a great option and allow you to get in the bathtub without having to lift your leg over the side. This awkward leg lift can prove problematic or impossible for many individuals. A walk-in tub has a small door that opens on the side to allow you to walk right in.

All of these items can make you bathroom environment safer.  It is important that you select a bathroom safety product that is right for you.

Aids to daily living give you a little extra help in the areas where you need it most. For every task that must be done there's a product to help make that task a little easier.

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