Aging Parents' Daily Living Solutions

Aging parents may find it more difficult to perform everyday tasks. This is where adaptive products are useful. When thinking about their daily routine pay close attention to the activities they struggle with; think of assistive technology. There are many interesting gadgets that can make life easier for seniors.

Sometimes the most appreciated items can be the ones they would never think to buy for themselves.  Keep in mind that parents don't always verbalize what they need and sometimes they just don't know or not aware that there are devices that can assist with daily activities.

Challenges with everyday tasks are not new.  What changes are the various tools that are available to address those challenges.  Handling basic activities such as personal hygiene, dressing and others does not have to be so difficult; that's where assistive technology comes in.

Having the ability to perform these tasks is important in aging gracefully. There are many senior products that can provide the level of assistance needed.

Useful Items for Aging Parents

  • Aids for dressing- There are nifty gadgets to help those who have a hard time getting dressed. Dressing sticks, sock aid, and extended shoehorns and others can make getting dressed much easier.
  • Bathing tools- Long handled sponges and back scrubbers are very helpful and easy to use.

  • Long handled brushes and combs- For those with limited range of motion even hair care can be difficult. Combs and brushes with long handles can make this seemingly simple task easier for older adults.
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Independent Living Products You Need

Nothing is more precious than the ability to stay independent as we age.  A study conducted by Prince Market Research, called “Aging In Place In America,” showed that 89% of seniors want to “age in place” or grow older in their own home. There are many devices and products that can help your elderly parents stay independent and safe in their own home.

Here are some essential items you want to have at your fingertips.

  • Reachers - Reaching for items up high or down low can be made easier and safer with a reacher grabber device that acts like an extended arm. They limit the need for bending, discomfort or possible accident while trying to reach for things yourself.
  • Photo dial phones- These phones can make placing calls easier because you won’t have to dial numbers. To place a call, just press on the phone keypad that has the picture of the person or service you want to call and the call will be placed. It’s that easy (the corresponding phone numbers would need to be pre-programmed.
  • Pendant phone- There are many emergency pendants and devices that seniors can use in case of an accident in the home or in case of a medical emergency. These can facilitate immediate access to alert emergency services.

These practical items also make great gifts.  For most aging parents, remaining as independent as possible while retaining their dignity is just priceless.

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