A Simple Path to Aging Healthy

Aging healthy is not about stopping the clock but about making sure you maintain your health and quality of life while the clock keeps moving. Staying active is more important than ever as you age. It is not just about appearance, but instead about your agility and retaining muscle tone.  Physical activity is key to aging well.  If you have difficulty in that area there are senior products that can help you stay physically active.

Building your strength by lifting small weight or using resistance can go a long way.  Simple exercise equipment for seniors such as hand exercise balls, adjustable wrist weights and exercise pulley systems are great for building strength.

Hand Gym

Activities don’t have to be complicated or involve expensive machinery or a membership to a gym.  You just need to keep moving, even if you use a walker to walk, keep walking.  This activity strengthens your leg muscles.

You will want to include different exercises for endurance, balance, and flexibility. Below are some ideas on types of activities you can do.

  • Endurance- Walking, swimming, biking and dancing are all ideas for improving endurance. Even short walks can make a difference when working towards healthy aging.
  • Balance- Keeping good balance can help reduce falls. You can use a couch cane to assist you as you get up from a couch or lounge chair to help you maintain your balance before you start walking or moving around. Keeping you leg muscles strong also helps with balance.
  • Flexibility- Stretching can increase your flexibility and mobility. Yoga is a great way to stretch but even just stretching your arms, shoulders and leg muscles daily can help with your range of motion and flexibility.
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Your Daily Routine for Aging Healthy

There are exercise regimens available for all levels of physical abilities. While some people may be able to walk and swim, others may need a more limited exercise routine. There are many gadgets for seniors that can help with limited exercise.

Although some medical conditions may limit certain activities, physicians generally will advocate that some type of exercise is needed and is beneficial. Discuss physical activity with you medical provider before starting any regimen.

Can I Really Slow The Aging Process?

We all know that exercise is good for our health to maintain a healthy weight and a good cardiovascular system. However, there are studies that point to exercise as a way to actually slow aging.

A study published in 2011 in The Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, showed that mice who exercised not only did not turn gray as quickly, but retained health well beyond their sedentary counterparts. While we may not be mice, we actually age in similar manners at a cellular level making this research interesting for the aging population.

Exercise that can be done regularly can help reduce aging issues. Finding activities that you enjoy and making them part of your daily routine can make a noticeable difference in how you feel and keep you on the path to aging healthy!

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