Looking for Affordable Medical Wheelchairs?

Selecting Affordable medical wheelchairs does not mean you are compromising on quality. It simply means those models may not have a lot of extra features that would be included in the more expensive ones.  You can select brand names and models with all the features you actually need without the very high price tag.

You must know what you absolutely need in the wheelchair, meaning the features necessary to meet your needs.  Consult with your medical provider to make sure you have all the information regarding what is needed for your condition.

Once you know what the basic needs are, look for models that have those necessary features.  You may be pleasantly surprised to find that they also include other convenient features that you like.

Wheelchairs range from very basic to customized models.  The manual (self propelled) version is lower in cost than its electric counterpart.  The various styles often have wheelchair safety features and other mechanisms to facilitate wheelchair mobility.

Manual models include reclining wheelchairs, transport and the standard basic ones.  Both manual and electric styles are available in heavy duty construction, bariatric models for larger heavier individuals.   Click on the images or links below for more details.

Standard manual wheelchairs include lightweight models, ultra light and a transport /wheelchair combination model. The combination models typically have two small front casters wheels and two large wheels, one on each side and a footrest.

There are also various optional accessories that can be purchased separately for added convenience, safety and practicality.  Some of the safety features include belts, anti-tip bars or wheels.  Accessories include sensors, oxygen tank holder, wheelchair seat cushion, backpacks, totes, table, drink holder, and others.

Affordable Medical Wheelchairs: Just What You Need

Here is What You'll Want to Consider:

  • A professional assessment of what your condition requires before purchasing a wheelchair in order to select a model that will be suitable for your condition. Personal preferences can also be considered in the selection for added convenience. 

  • How is the wheelchair going to be used?  Is it for all purpose everyday use or is it for temporary transport or occasional use? Transport chairs are commonly used for temporary transport or occasional use and are not as cumbersome as a regular wheelchair but they are not self propelled.

    They require an attendant to push the chair. Consult with your medical provider to determine if this type of chair is suitable for your situation before purchasing.
  • What weight capacity do you need?.  Be sure to select a chair with a weight capacity that is adequate to support your weight.  Determine whether a heavy duty model (bariatric) that is designed for heavier individuals is needed.

Take a look at our wheelchair selection for more details to choose one that suits your needs.

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