Adult Bed Rails
For Support & Piece of Mind

Adult bed rails are considered essential household devices for the elderly.  As we age we tend to need some support to keep our balance when getting into bed or when getting up from bed.  Falling while sleeping is not uncommon. 

The right railings can assist with sleep safety and provide some peace of mind.  Railings are an easy, inexpensive, and secure way to get support to maneuver around the bed as needed.

Smart Rail

Rails for seniors are designed for standard home beds and are easy to install and easy to use.  It is important to select adult rails for older individuals instead of trying to utilize the ones designed for children.  Otherwise they may not work properly or serve their intended purpose.

Do you feel dizzy when standing up? or move around while sleeping?

It is important to keep in mind that when you are getting out of bed you need to do it slowly in order to avoid dizziness as you stand up.  Sudden movement from getting too quickly can increased the blood flow and  cause dizziness.  Consider sitting for a couple of minutes first before you try to stand up.

Adult Bed Rails Can Prevent Falling While Sleeping

If you move around a lot while sleeping you are at risk of falling while you sleep.  You probably know that the overnight hours can be the most worrisome.  You may even wake up in the middle of the night and try to get up alone perhaps to use the bathroom.  If that is the case consider placing a bedside commode nearby to avoid a trip to the bathroom and the risk of an accident.

EZ Adjust Bed Rail

You can put your mind at ease knowing there is a device in place that can keep you safely tucked in while reducing the possibility of injury from a fall.  These devices can easily be installed on home style beds.  You don’t need to purchase an expensive hospital one to enjoy the benefits of using these bed safety devices.

In addition to providing support, adult bed rails come in different styles and many models offer various features for added convenience.  Rail pads are also available; they are placed against the rails as a buffer for added comfort and protection.

Adjustable Bed Rail

If you have balance issues or weak legs don’t take any chances, be pro-active and help avoid accidents.  Assess your situation, explore the different options and select a model that will suit your needs.  You may also consider other convenient senior products  to assist you.

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