A 3 Wheel Motor Scooter
May be Your Solution

A 3 wheel motor scooter offers many benefits and is a great way to get around indoors or outdoors.  If you like to travel you may be interested in the compact travel scooter models with convenient portability features.  Whether you’re elderly or disabled you may find this to be a practical solution. They are also available in regular size without the portability feature.

Battery operated and designed to allow for small turning radius while riding comfortably. A Three wheel motor scooter can provide convenient mobility for people with systemic or disabling conditions. They are also preferred by may seniors with limited mobility.

This type of scooter comes in different models, styles and colors to suit individual needs and preferences. Specific features may vary by model; explore the options to find one that suits your needs.  

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3 Wheel Scooter- Phoenix Heavy Duty-Portable

A 3 Wheel Motor Scooter With Features You Want

Many of the three wheel scooters are compact and can be easily disassembled and re-assembled in just minutes, making them portable, easy to transport, easy to store and easy to travel with.

The portability feature that some of the models offer is also a major consideration for many people when it comes to planning a trip because it can really make things easier.  A disassembled scooter can easily fit in the trunk of a car to facilitate traveling and put back together easily when you arrive at your destination.  It's a simple practical mobility solution.

Some of the common features include anti tippers, flat free tires, carry basket, adjustable tiller, flip back adjustable arms, adjustable seat height and others. Many have additional features such as removable battery that can be recharged separately from the scooter.

Electric scooters for the disabled generally come with three wheels or four wheels. They appeal to many people because they usually require less effort to operate than a wheelchair and they are also more stylish.

Some three wheel scooter models are often not as fast as the four wheel models; they also tend to be less costly. Many individuals like the three wheel motor scooter for elderly parents to help them get around more easily and independently.

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