Special Needs and Daily Living

Your Special Needs Solutions specializes in senior products and handicap equipment for daily living.  Our product line addresses needs relating to mobility, bathroom safety, bedroom safety poor vision, hearing loss, eating, personal care, seating, technology, exercising, home safety and others.  We offer quality assistive devices for independent living for elderly and disabled individuals.

Practical Solutions For Daily Living

We help you through what can be a difficult process when you need to:

  • Find practical assistance to meet your daily needs:  Our team performs extensive research to provide you with relevant information to consider when assessing possible solutions.
  • Understand what is available:  We present several options that may assist with specific needs and conditions.  Demonstration videos are available in some cases.
  • Know how to select a product:  We provide you with insight and data throughout our website to  make it easier for you to identify a suitable option for your particular situation.

It is our recommendation that you consult with your doctor when considering possible solutions for your special needs.

View a sample of our mobility solutions, disability equipment, elderly products and various aids to daily living.

You can benefit from our products if you:

Have trouble maintaining your balance when standing or walking

Are elderly, have a disability or are overweight or obese

Have trouble getting up from a sitting position

Have trouble with daily living activities

Have limited range of motion

Have limited mobility

Have hearing loss

Are a caregiver

Have low vision

Have arthritis

Had surgery

Have other ailments, or issues not listed here

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The special needs of the elderly may differ from that of a handicapped person or a large individual but they all have “special needs” and often require some assistance to perform their daily routine.

The need for assistance may be due to aging, physical limitations, medical conditions or other issues. With the use of asssitive devices, elderly care products, technology, the necessary medical attention, and support system, independent living for disabled people and seniors is possible.

Understanding the term “special needs” in a broader sense and pairing that up with today’s dynamic way of life explains why special needs and daily living is such an important area. Independent living for disabled people has become more feasible and more desirable. A handicapped person can enjoy that sense of freedom with the help of various handicapped equipment and products for disabled people.


Most individuals may not think about routines activities such as getting out of bed but let’s think about that for a moment. Seniors often rely on a bed rail for elderly, or a post to help them get in and out of bed. Remaining safe while in bed is also important so home safety for seniors becomes a concern.

An obese individual may need an adjustable bariatric bed that is constructed to support the extra weight; a disabled person may use handicap grab bars or other device to get out of bed.

These are all special needs and daily living issues. It’s clear that this basic activity could be pretty difficult for a handicap person and other people without some form of assistance.

Fortunately today there are solutions. Special needs and daily living issues can be alleviated. There are various devices, elderly products and disability equipment that provide added safety, and assist with routine functions such as eating, walking, mobility and others.

For eating, there are utensils designed for people with limited range of motion, weak grasp, arthritis disability, and other ailments. These special needs utensils also make daily living a little easier for people with arthritis.

handicap Bathroom equipment is essential when it comes to safety in and out of the shower or tub. From elevated toilet seats to grab bars, they all offer more ease and comfort for bathroom functions.  They are also widely used for elderly bathrooms.

Devices such as rollators, canes, and walkers provide support for elderly walking. Electric power scooters and wheelchairs provide mobility to physically challenged individuals. A handicap person can find comfort with a special needs product.

Independent Living

Independent living for disabled people and seniors is a reality today. Many have active lives and enjoy their independence and better quality of life thanks to the help of various assistive devices.

In today’s society more seniors are working longer and more disabled people are in the workforce, participating in various sports and other activities. Having a productive life is important in maintaining a healthy balance. The right assistive products can help with special needs and daily living.

There are also elderly people who need more personal assistance with their special needs and daily living routine. In many cases home care workers can help meet those needs by providing seniors with adequate elder care at home.

Home health care assistance for the elderly is on the rise and is preferred by many. Other venues such as assisted living facilities are available for those who cannot receive in home care for various reasons.

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